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Doug Walters - Prophecies Cry (2007)
Doug’s musical journey could be described with one word, "epiphany".

Doug’s talents and his love for music was prompted through a serious motor vehicle accident he fell victim to decades ago. At the time of the accident, Doug had sustained multiple fractures throughout most of his body. Limited to the use of his left and partially his right arm, his father (the late Pastor William C. Walters) encouraged Doug to utilize his rehab time and study music and to play the guitar.

Shortly into the physical rehab and Doug’s musical journey, it became apparent to his family and teachers that he was truly a musical prodigy. Doug excelled in reading, writing and the ability to play any instrument given to him. It was later discovered that Doug’s singing voice was parallel to the level of his musical ability.

Close to a year into Doug’s physical rehabbing, his father incessantly tried convincing him to play at his church services. Doug’s first love was progressive rock` n roll and so forming his first band "Kreation" Doug’s agnosticism and disinterest in a Theocentric genre of music was overtly stated.

Doug’s growth as a singer, songwriter, and musician could be heard in every facet of his journey. Doug became a musical perfectionist and was often heard saying,"if you don’t feel it, why write it or play it". His debut album and band "Quest" was huge and landed them an opportunity of a recording contract and other major appearances.

Quest possessed a raw but progressive feel. An added keyboard dimension of mood and magic was provided by the love of his life Donna Marie, who was instrumental in Doug’s continued writings and Journey of success.

"The growth in this style is musical, it’s lyrical, it’s emotional and people are relating to it but in my heart, it is still missing something".

Doug would go on to dissect his writings looking for that "missing something".

The tragic passing of his father unleashed a hidden rudiment in his life and musical desires.

Doug realized that all along, the "missing something, the "epiphany", was there from the beginning. "I unequivocally believe all along G-d used the accident, my dad and my music to get my attention". Doug became a believer in Christ received his ThD while launching a second cd "Prophecies Cry". He then made missionary trips to Ukraine, Russia and Mexico along with other appearances along the East coast. "The music I am blessed to create has created me through the giver of all good things".

The title track "Prophecies Cry" was favored by many and melodically spoke of the 09/11 attack and illusion of an actual life without G-d’s love to guide us.

Presently Doug has recorded and engineered his brand new cd "Strange Fire".

He has been scheduled to appear on national television in the spring-summer of 2013.

The cd in overall theme is exegetical in incremental and hypnotic ways. "I believe G-d`s people are being spiritually poisoned by politics, secularism and religiosity.

Tracks like "House Up On The Hill" and title track "Strange Fire " are songs reflecting raw biblical inspiration from the fervent writer. Writings like "Look At Us Now" lay literal canvas to lyrical and melodic images prophetically charged.

"My searching for that "missing something" has found ME!”
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